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If you or a loved one would like to be contacted by the Health Ministry, please provide the following information pertaining to the person who is seeking assistance.


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Wondering when to contact a Parish Nurse?


(Confidentiality and HIPAA regulations are adhered to in all situations.)


Home visits: a person may wish to contact the Parish Nurse for an in home visit, which also includes nursing homes and assisted living homes. (Consultation includes formulation of an action plan to address specific needs)

after they have been discharged from the hospital

after the death of a family member

while experiencing stress, such as caring for someone at home

while experiencing a major life change, such as birth of a child or loss of a job


Office visit: a person may wish to contact the Parish Nurse for a private consultation at the Parish Nurse Office, located at Catholic Social Services. (Consultation includes formulation of an action plan to address unique needs)




Call 402-519-3036

Leave a message stating your name, nature of your call and a convenient time to reach you.

You will be contacted and an appointment for a visit will be made




Fill out the referral form and you will be contacted to schedule a visit.



What is a Parish Nurse?


A Parish Nurse is a professional nurse licensed in Nebraska, and who has completed a specialized training course in Parish Nursing.


The training course teaches nurses how to enhance their nursing skills and perspective by adding faith outreach and spiritual engagement tools and techniques. Parish Nurses are then able to spiritually touch the lives of those in need, in addition to providing basic forms of health services.


Why do we have Parish Nursing?


The parishioners were surveyed in 2014 regarding their needs and challenges. There was an overwhelming response to this survey, and it was evident that people are in great need.


The Health Ministry was created in response to the survey by St. Cecilia Catholic Church in 2014 through the understanding that the church has a role in healing which has been recognized since earliest Christianity. The very nature of the church is to be a healing community in the wholistic concept of recognizing health as encompassing body, mind, and spirit.


Parish Nurses will embody this

concept in their ministry with the

main focus of fostering the

integration of faith and health.

What is Parish Nursing?


Sometimes it is difficult to know what health services and resources are available. On average, most people don’t know what they don’t know about available resources for health services. This makes it difficult for many people to find the resources they need. On top of that, in the midst of crisis and confusion, spirituality often suffers. Parish Nursing offers the bridge between a person’s unique situation, and the available resources to help them, and it is delivered with spiritual nurturing as a primary goal.


Roles of a Parish Nurse


  • Health Educator:
    • Provide health information   through a variety of educational activities.
  • Personal Health Counselor:
    • Discuss health issues and   problems with individuals and  families and make appropriate  referrals to a variety of health  care professionals and    community resources.
  • Health Advocate:
    • Empower individuals as they   journey through the medical   system. Assist in connecting   people to the appropriate   health care providers and   community agencies. Listen   and support individuals and   families in various health care  situations.
  • Integrator of Faith and Healing:
    • Help people to understand the  relationship between faith and  health.

What can a Parish Nurse do for me?


  • Offer support to individuals and families who are experiencing health difficulties.
  • Offer support to individuals who are in care-giving roles.
  • Offer presence and prayer during times of crisis.
  • Offer presence and prayer during times of celebration.
  • Encourage individuals toward healthy living through health awareness, good nutrition, and spiritual growth.
  • Coordinate classes and seminars related to health concerns.
  • Respect confidentiality in all interactions.




What the Parish Nurse cannot do:


  • Replace public health or home care nurses.
  • Replace pastoral care.
  • Provide invasive nursing actions or procedures.
  • Advise on health care issues or administer medications.
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