There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone.  1 Corinthians 12:4-5


St. Cecilia Catholic Church Stewardship Renewal

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  • Altar Society

    Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, October through May at 7:00p.m. in Centennial Hall.

    President: Judy Young (402-469-7524)

    Vice President: Kelli Fitzke (402-984-6867)

    Secretary: Jean Luther (402-705-3703)

    Treasurer: Kathleen Potrzeba (402-462-8521)

  • Altar Society - Coffee and Donuts

    The ministry provides coffee and donuts and creates a welcoming and hospitable environment for both visitors and parishioners after Masses on the first Sunday of each month. It serves as a simple time for fellowship, a time to come together, meet newcomers, catch up with friends, and recharge for the week, all while building community. This time for community equips us to share God's love during the week. Volunteer hosts are able to use their talents to serve others, as serving helps us grow closer to Christ.


    Contact: Trina Hucke, 402-984-6449

    Tami Jacobi, 402-461-4546

  • Altar Society - Funeral Dinners and Receptions

    As a service to the family who is grieving, the parish provides a dinner immediately following the funeral service. Often these luncheons can be quite large, so many volunteers are needed to prepare food and serve the meal. The Altar Society also provides receptions and hospitality during occasions throughout the year (e.g., First Communion, Confirmation, etc.).


    Contact: Deb Murman 402-461-4518

  • Ice Cream Social

    Annually, the parish gathers for an outdoor outing in late July, with ice cream, brownies, Hispanic foods, watermelon, entertainment and games. The event brings together our entire parish community on the grounds of the former Crosier Monastery, where our Hispanic members attend Mass. This ministry offers a unique opportunity to experience the joy of our children and the unity of our parish.


    Contact: John Ferrone, 402-462-0244

  • Outreach

    Our Outreach Ministry welcomes newcomers to the parish and visits patients in the hospital and residents in the nursing homes of our community. Outreach ministers pray with and share spiritual devotional materials with those they visit.


    Contact: Gale and Judy Bullard, 402-462-2524

  • Ushers

    The ministry of ushering is the oldest lay ministry in the Catholic Church. Ushers are ministers of hospitality and assistance - offering a friendly, welcoming presence to those coming to Mass, performing such tasks as taking up the collection, assisting parishioners during Holy Communion, distributing the church bulletin and participating in cleaning the church after Mass. Ushers are the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive for Sunday Mass, feast days and other liturgical events. As God's servants, ushers take care that nothing interferes with the spiritual encounter between God and His people during the Mass.


    Contact: Tammie Schik, 402-463-1336

  • CCD

    Our faith formation program, CCD, helps children grow in their knowledge and love of Christ and the Catholic Church. Volunteer opportunities include roles as teachers, substitutes and teacher aides. Kindergarten through 8th grade meets on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.

    Contact: Caryn Scott, 402-462-6446

  • Cursillo

    Cursillo is an opportunity to encounter Christ in a very special way during a weekend course in Christian education and evangelization. The program is designed to make a Christian community possible in the home, parish and broader community.


    Contact: Marg Noecker, 402-462-8477

  • Evangelization Mission

    This movement is designed to build discipleship in the parish in the spirit of the new evangelization. We study the method and message of the new evangelization and apply it to our walk of faith as Catholics in the family, the parish and in the community.


    Contact: Bob Sullivan, 402-469-5149

  • Godparent Program

    This ministry hosts high school students for religious education on a weekly basis. Please join us in diving into Scripture and increasing our knowledge of Christ and His Church and sharing it with our high school students!

    Contact: Steve and Lynn Eddy, 402-463-8678

  • I+YOU=WE

    The mission of the I+YOU=WE Ministry helps couples and individuals understand God's plan for marriage and the family. In addition, it aims to strengthen and provide the support and skills needed to help couples and families live our God's plan for marriage in their daily lives.


    Contact: Blair Driscoll, 402-461-3548

  • Marriage Encounter

    Through our parish Marriage Encounter, experience an opportunity to strengthen your communication skills in marriage.


    Contact: Dan and Beth Small, 402-463-2807

  • Natural Family Planning

    Natural Family Planning (NFP) is an umbrella term for the natural, healthy, morally acceptable methods of family planning to help couples space, achieve, or avoid pregnancy. This class is open to all couples at various stages of marriage to promote awareness and increase education about God's plan for life.


    Contact: Stephanie Wesely, 402-469-5836

  • Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

    RCIA is primarily for the education of those who are considering joining the Catholic Church. Weekly classes from September through April introduce the teachings of Catholicism and integrate prospective new Catholics into the life of our parish. All parishioners are welcome to attend the weekly classes to learn more about their faith.


    Contact: Fr. Caleb La Rue, 402-463-1336



  • Altar Boys

    Altar boys are at least 10 years old and have received First Holy Communion. They are assigned to serve at all weekend Masses, special Masses, Benedictions and Stations of the Cross. Typically, they serve once every four to eight weeks. The primary role of the altar boy is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy.

    Contact: Fr. Caleb La Rue, 402-463-1336

  • Diocesan Silent Retreat

    Each year, the Diocese of Lincoln holds silent retreats at the Good Counsel Retreat House in Waverly. You are invited to take a step away from the busyness of everyday life and seek Our Lord in the beauty of His calming, quiet Presence.


    Contact: Fr. Joseph Walsh, 402-463-1336

  • Divine Will Apostolate

    This ministry is a spirituality program to live the Divine Will, meeting every Thursday morning and discussing the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.


    Contact: Jan McChesney, 402-463-5237

  • Lectors/Readers

    Lectors and readers proclaim the Word of God at liturgical celebrations of the parish.

    Contact: Fr. Joseph Walsh, 402-463-1336

  • Legion of Mary

    The goal of the Legion of Mary is to help our members grow in holiness. Legionaires offer daily prayers, attend weekly meetings, and perform two hours of active ministry each week in the spirit of our Blessed Mother.

    Contact: Fred Spitz, 402-984-6896

  • Light of the World (SINE)

    The Light of the World is a weekend parish retreat, with opportunities for small prayer and study groups. Join us for an opportunity to deepen your relationship with our Lord.


    Contact: Mike and Loretta Tebbe, 402-463-7704

  • Music Ministry

    The ministry of music aids in the celebration of our most important work as Catholics, the worship of God. St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music and of our parish community. This ministry enjoys a special place of honor in our parish. Musicians are invited to serve as cantors, organists, choir members, and instrumentalists to provide music for liturgical and social gatherings of the parish.

    Contact: Robin Stroot 402.705.8783

  • Music Ministry - Augustinians

    The Augustinians are our Catholic men's choir. The group sings at assigned Masses during the year, and on occasions, at public events (singing the Star Spangled Banner).


    Contact: Bob Sullivan, 402-469-5148

  • Perpetual Exposed Eucharistic Adoration

    Every hour of every day, someone is praying before the Blessed Sacrament in the St. Cecilia Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Volunteers typically sign up for a specific time weekly or serve as a substitute. Persons willing to help coordinate Perpetual Adoration also are welcome.


    Contact: Marg Noecker, 402-462-8477

    Susan McKedy, 402-834-0612

  • Prayer Chain

    Dedicated volunteers pray for the intentions of our parishioners as requested.


    Contact: Jo Lemke, 402-462-6026

    Bonnie Peterson, 402-463-4412

  • Sacred Heart Enthronement

    Through this dedication and blessing of the home, parishioners invite our Lord's love to cover and protect them at all times.


    Contact: Marg Noecker, 402-462-8477

  • Catholic Daughters

    This organization of Catholic women strives to embrace the principles of faith through love in the promotion of justice, equality, the advancement of human rights, and human dignity for all. Under the patronage of the Blessed Mother, its members are united by their faith in Jesus Christ, in their devotion to the Church and the Holy See.


    Contact: Marie Butler, 402-463-7295

  • Catholic Social Services

    Catholic Social Services is a diocesan-wide ministry with an office in Hastings that provides assistance to families and individuals in need. CSS has many volunteer opportunities, including sorting clothing, packing lunches, assisting with administrative activities in the office, collecting furniture, clerking at the thrift store and providing a Christmas gift store for the poor.


    Contact: Jill McMahon, 402-463-2112

  • Charity & Stewardship Appeal (DDP)

    Parishioners are needed to assist with the annual Charity & Stewardship Appeal (DDP). Volunteer activities include helping people find and fill out their pledge card during the campaign weekends at St. Cecilia Church and Good Samaritan Village, and displaying the DVD at weekend Masses during the appeal.


    Contact: Fred & Linda Spitz, 402-463-1336

  • Church Cleaning

    This ministry offers assistance with deep cleaning of the church before Christmas and Easter.

    Contact: Tammie Schik, 402-463-1336

  • Health Ministry

    The mission of the Health Ministry is to promote health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit within our parish and community. The ministry includes parish nurse visitations and consultation, educational programs, and support groups. Numerous volunteer activities exist to help carry out the projects of the ministry, including facilitation of groups, health screenings, assistance with the St. Isidore Fair and Walk to Bethlehem project.


    Contact: Susan Ferrone, 402-469-7845

  • Knights of Columbus 11823

    All the good works Knights do are informed by our four core principles, Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. Our Catholic faith teaches us to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Brother Knights show love for our neighbors by conducting food drives, supporting and guiding our youth, and supporting mothers who choose life for their babies. Our mission and our faith in God compel us to action by assisting the parish, pastor, and church organizations with the sweat of our brow and our financial generosity when called upon to do so. As a group, we accomplish more than any one individual. Therefore, we support one another, and the parish can count on our support and encouragement as we work together to make life better for our parish and community. We are patriotic citizens and are proud of our devotion to God and country, and believe in standing up for both, reminding the world that we support our country and are amongst its greatest citizens.


    Contact: Dan Orr, 402-984-1752

  • Parish Council

    The Parish Council is an advisory group of the parish that assists the pastor in overseeing the financial and pastoral activities of the parish and maintaining the parish buildings and grounds. The Parish Council fosters unity, communication and active participation of the laity in the life and mission of the parish.



    Denise Baumgart 461-4910

    Lee Buescher 705-2329

    Bill & Marleen Burkhard 760-529-7949

    Brad Consbruck 461-9392

    Pat Duggins 463-2801

    Susie Kryzsko 469-5577

    Amy Marshall 469-4646

    Tom Miller 463-5870

    Dale Musgrave 463-8290

    Chuck Neumann 463-5471

    Dan Orr 984-1752

    Marv Schultes 463-1586

    Ron Sekora 462-8351

    Fred Spitz 984-6896

    Bob Sullivan 469-5149

    Mike Theis 469-5603

    Dixie Tripe 463-2621

    Judy Young 469-7524

  • Parish Finance Committee

    The Parish Finance Committee oversees financial activities of the parish and makes recommendations to the pastor and the Parish Council regarding these matters. The committee assists in the preparation and oversight of the annual budget and the investments of the parish.


    Contact: Mike Theis, 402-469-5603

  • Parish Maintenance

    This group provides assistance with hands-on maintenance projects, which include carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, and landscaping.


    Contact: Bruce Prellwitz, 402-461-4992

  • Parish Office Help

    Volunteers assist the parish secretary with collections, mailings, and other secretarial activities of the office.


    Contact: Tammie Schik, 402-463-1336

  • Quilting

    Quilters of all ages and skills come together to share their talent "one stitch at a time." Quilts are given to those in need along with the prayers from those who made them.


    Contact: Gladys Hupf, 402-462-6336

    Joan Nienaber, 402-463-6082

  • Right to Life

    This group gives witness to the sacredness of every human life, raising awareness in our parish and community through prayer and education on the important pro-life issues of today. They also provide ways for parishioners to get involved in the pro-life movement.


    Contact: Deb Murman, 402-461-4518

  • Stewardship Committee

    The Stewardship Committee helps the pastor guide the development of stewardship within the parish. The first duties of committee members are to educate themselves and to live as good Christian stewards. Only in this way can members advise the pastor and become credible witnesses to other parishioners. The committee seeks ways to promote stewardship within the parish through year-round communication and special initiatives, and most importantly, by supporting the annual Stewardship Renewal.


    Contact: Dan Orr, 402-984-1752

  • Wellspring, Pregnancy + Health Center (formerly known as AAA Pregnancy Resource Center)

    This ministry serves to both assist women in crisis with an unplanned pregnancy in adherence to Catholic teachings, as well as provide education and expertise on pro-life activities.


    Contact: Kristan Parr, 402-463-7785

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