Staff & Committees

Parish Staff

Parish Council

Parish Staff


Father Joseph M. Walsh, Ext. 103



Rev. Caleb LaRue, Ext. 105


In Residence

Father Thomas Brouillette, Ext. 106


Hispanic Ministry

Father Julius P. Tvrdy, (772-3511)


Parish Secretary

Tammie Schik, Ext. 101


Music Coordinator

Dr. Michael Skoch (462-0305)


Adult Choir Director

Mrs. Elisabeth Hasley (463-4474)


CCD Coordinator

Mrs. Caryn Scott (462-6446)



Bob Sullivan (469-5149)

Mike Skoch (462-0305)

Parish Council

Denise Baumgart 461-4910

Mark Beck 751-2829

Neil Beck 463-8218

Myron Consbruck 462-2890

Marty Demuth 463-3305

Jackie Miller 463-5870

Deb Murman 461-4518

Chuck Neumann 463-5471

Dan Orr 984-1752

Mary Schultes 463-1586

Ron Sekora 462-8351

Fred Spitz 984-6896

Bob Sullivan 469-5149

Mike Theis 469-5603

Cris Wright 462-2520


Altar Society

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, Oct through May at 7:00 pm in Centennial Hall


President, Deb Murman 461-4518

Secretary, Penny Moritz 834-3451

Treasurer, Denise Baumgart 461-4910

Catholic Social Services

515 West 3rd Street


Phil Rosno, Sit Manager


For Clinical Services,

Call 1-800-961-6277

Coffee & Rolls

Meets the first Sunday of the month in Centennial Hall after the 7:00 & 9:00 AM Masses


Trina Hucke 984-6449

Tami Jacobi 461-4546

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Council 11823

Meets the 2nd Tues. of the month in Centennial Hall; Rosary at 7:15 PM followed by meeting at 7:30 PM


Grand Knight, Dan Orr 984-1752

Legion of Mary

St. Cecilia parish has a very active and dedicated Legion of Mary apostolate.  Members strive to live an active sacramental life, pray their required prayers, and do two hours of apostolic work weekly.  Our Legion specializes in promoting Marian devotions in the parish and doing home visits to parishioners.


The Legion meets each week on Saturday, at 7:40 AM.


Contact the parish office (402-463-1336) if you are interested in the Legion of Mary or would like the Legion to visit you in your home.

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning Teachers


Stephanie Wesely 469-5836

Norma Theisen 462-2085

Sarah Heideman 308-241-1860

Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain


Jo Lemke 462-6026

Bonnie Peterson 463-4412





Parents who approach the Church on behalf of their child for the gift of baptism, are responsible to see that their child is raised in the Catholic faith.  The parents should demonstrate their capacity and willingness to assume this responsibility by communicating this promise to the priest and by their active participation in the parish.  It is the common practice in Catholic families to arrange for the baptism of their children within four weeks of birth.  Kindly contact the parish office (402-463-1336) and speak to the parish secretary or Father Walsh (extension 3) before the birth of your child to make arrangements for baptismal instructions.


Baptisms are typically administered on Sunday, following the 11:00 AM Mass.  Arrangements will be made for the couple in case of necessity.


Remember: Godparents must be practicing Catholics (registered in a parish, in sacramental communion with the Church, at least 16 years of age).  If a person is chosen for this role and is not a member of St. Cecilia parish, a letter is requested from their home parish to verify eligibility as a Godparent.  Godparents must be either a man or a woman, or both, but not two parents of the same gender.  If a baptized person is chosen for this role and is not a Catholic, he or she is called a Christian Witness.


Parents are encouraged to give the gift of a Christian name (patron saint) to their child.


There is no fee for the sacrament of baptism, nor should the desire but inability to give a gift delay parents from approaching the Church and requesting baptism for their child.  If a gift is given, it goes directly to the parish, and is received as an offering of love to Christ for the gift of baptism.


Marriage Requirements:

As soon as engagement takes place, the couple is encouraged to contact the parish and speak to Father Walsh.


The preparation period for marriage in the Diocese of Lincoln must be at least four months from the completion of the marriage assessment process.  Thus, it is recommended that the couple contact the parish at least six months before their desired wedding date.


There is no fee for the use of the parish church for weddings of parishioners.  If neither couple is a member of the parish, the rental fee for use of the church is $300, with a $100 deposit.


There is a fifty dollar rental fee for use of the parish hall for all weddings, with a $100 deposit.


In addition to several meetings with the pastor or priest who is providing marriage instructions, the couple is required to take a Natural Family Planning Introductory Session, and attend an Engaged Encounter weekend, offered through the Diocese of Lincoln.


Our History

Hastings Nebraska was incorporated in 1874, and four years later, on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, March 25, 1878, St. Cecilia Catholic Church was founded.


Our parish community shares in the rich history of Hastings as a home for Catholics for over 130 years, a partner in the formation of its children, and a contributor to the spiritual and social well being of the community. Located on Seventh and Kansas, the parish has a vibrant pastoral life including daily Masses and confessions, Catholic education for the parish children, apostolic and service organization for its members, and outreach into several community institutions and groups, including Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital, Hastings College, Good Samaritan Village and the Catholic Hispanic and Vietnamese communities.


Our patroness, St. Cecilia inspires in us a deep commitment to love Jesus Christ, which we share with one another through our choirs, our organ (a Hutchings Pipe Organ Opus 228), and one of the area's most beautiful Gothic style churches. Visitors are welcome. Please, come and see our church and experience the peace of God dwelling among us in Hastings Nebraska.



To register to join our parish, please download and print the form by clicking here.

Return to the rectory office 301 West 7th Street.



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