Catholicism 101

(R.C.I.A. Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)


St. Cecilia Parish would like to cordially invite you to come and learn more about the Catholic Faith. We will be offering instructional classes on the faith, worship, and life of the Catholic Church. Our classes will be held in Centennial Hall and are open to anyone whether Catholics or non-Catholics. We hope you can make it!


For this years RCIA class we will be using a program called Symbolon.


Please feel free to check it out at


If you know someone who is interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith, please invite them to look at the introduction video on the website. Fr. Sughroue will also teach some class, as well as parishioners. This year promises to be a great year!


Please call the parish office (402.463.1336, ext. 101) for more information or to register.



Who is the RCIA Class for?


As Christ taught all who came to him so the Church teaches all who seek Christ. And so, the RCIA class is for anyone-Catholics, Protestants, or from any background whatsoever.


The RCIA class will go through the essential teachings of the Catholic Faith and so it is a great opportunity for a Catholic to learn his or her faith on an adult level, for a Protestant to grow in his or her understanding of the Catholic Church, and especially, for those who have little background in Christianity but want to come to a knowledge of Christ for the first time.



2013/2014 Class Videos:

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: The Creation of the World

Week 3:  Salvation History

Week 4:  Revelation, Tradition, Scripture

Week 5:  The Creed, Trinity, & God the Father

Week 6:  The Creation of the World

Week 7:  Jesus Christ

Week 8:  The Paschal Mystery

Week 9:  The Holy Spirit & the Church

Week 10: The 4 Marks of the Church (Pt. I)

Week 11: The 4 Marks of the Church (Pt. II)

Week 12: The Blessed Virgin Mary

Week 13: The Four Last Things

Week 14: Sacred Liturgy & the Sacraments

Week 15: Baptism and Confirmation

Week 16: The Holy Eucharist & Communion

Week 17: The Holy Mass

Week 18: Penance & Reconciliation

Week 19: How to Go to Confession

Week 20: Anointing of the Sick

Week 21: Holy Orders

Week 22: Holy Marriage

Week 23: Commandments 1-3

Week 24: Commandments 4-5

Week 26: Commandments 6 & 9

Week 27: Commandments 7, 8, & 10

Week 28: Holy Week


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