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Health Ministry Survey


Dear Parishioner:


In September 2013, our Health Ministry Task Force conducted a survey of our membership. We called it Survey Sunday. We thought there was need for a health ministry in our parish. We wanted to test that intuition by asking for your input. Our Health Ministry is the result of your response, which confirmed the need and led to the programs and services we designed and delivered during the past two years. Year participation blessed our work. Thank you.


It has now been three years. We would like additional input about present health needs and insights you might have about future programming. We are also seeking information about connectivity in the parish and about communication tools. We want our Ministry to be relevant and responsive to you. Your input is vital.


There is also a spiritual reason for this survey. The Holy Spirit is the source of your life and the movement of your heart. He speaks through you and speaks to us in your words. Tell us what He is saying to you. Share your story. Let the Holy Spirit build us into a community that pleases God as we serve one another. We place our trust in Him.


A Reminder: this survey is designed to be completely anonymous. Your responses are kept in strictest confidence. We will listen attentively and respectfully to your responses and build our programs accordingly.


God bless you,


Fr. Walsh


Member of the Health Ministry Governance Committee

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